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  • Bakonyi Péter borászata

    With permanent new plantings, the 5 hectare estate of Péter Bakonyi and Josef Kerl, which extends indeed on the best vineyards of Siklós and Nagytótfalu, is still shaping. Founded in 2011 with a Villány located cellar, the enterprise has been widely based on the competence and vocation of Péter Bakonyi. Though having a plant protection engineer qualification, Péter converted the whole farm into organic vineyard management. While some part of the crop is still purchased from conventional production, their goal in a long run is to create wines reflecting the true character of the terroir in closed farming. As for the red varieties, they believe in Cabernet franc and Kékfrankos, with a moderate use of wood during the refinement in respect of the nature of the grape. Concerning white wines, they intend to produce a highly complex blend of local and regional varieties e.g. Hárslevelű (Lindenleaf), Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), Green veltliner and Furmint harvested from small parcels.

  • Balassa Bor

    Ten years ago, during his first vintage, his aim was to reach the highest concentration in his wines. His dry, single-vineyard wines continue to receive great feedback. He wishes to channel not only the most excellent vineyards but also the various forms of bedrock found within them into his dry wines (from the Betsek: rhyolite, andesite and quartz). It’s always worth trying the all-time favourite Furmint of the Mézes-Mály.

  • Erzsébet Pince

    Elizabeth Cellars is a family winery founded by one of the first female winemakers in Tokaj, Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Prácser. In the year of the political change in Hungary, 1989, to start their own family business, Erzsébet and her husband bought a cellar in the old wine merchants’ street (Bem street) in the historic center of the town of Tokaj. Not just any cellar, though, but one of the region’s great historical cellars, that was dug in the 1600s, and had been rented by Russian emperors, and among them Tzarina Elizabeth, in the 1700s for storing Aszú wines purchased for the court.

    Erzsébet Pince produces around 1000 cases of wine annually, all from historical grand cru and premier cru sites that were classified by Bél Mátyás in the 18th century. The Pracser family–father, mother, daughter, and son–run the estate. They take pride in the production of exceptional single-vineyard dry wines and Aszu, Tokaj’s classic natural botrytis wine.

    All of the wines are made in small lots, from low-yielding vineyards that use sustainable and organic viticultural practices. The family team also includes a Master of Wine and Master Sommelier who assists in quality control and blending.  The winery’s first bottled vintage was 1993.

  • Etyeki Kúria Borgazdaság

    The Etyeki Kúria Winery was established in 1996 with a grape growing area of 2 hectares at Etyek Old-Hill. Soon it became the leading winery of its wine region. In year 2000 significant developments were started: a modern processing and a wine tasting room of pleasant atmosphere was built, and in Alcsútdoboz due to the planting of grapes in several steps, the growing area is already 27 hectares today. The winery was the first one to plant Pinot Noir grape in the wine region of Etyek–Buda, and the wine prepared from this grape won many world class awards for the winery.

    In 2009, a partnership was established with the Esterházy Winery of Trausdorf, located near the Hungarian-Austrian border. Within the framework of this cooperation, not only is there a viticultural and vinicultural exchange of ideas, but also the marketing expertise to bring Etyeki Kúria onto the world stage.

    Sándor Mérész has been serving as chief winemaker at Etyeki Kúria since May 2009. Having overseen the modernization of the winery together with Sára Matolcsy and László Babarczi, he is a man of few words but great actions. His first task was to review the winery’s product range, followed by the assessment and optimization of the company’s design.

    The Domaine was expanded about 11 hectares of additional vineyards in the premium regions of Kis-Látó-hegy in Alcsútdoboz, bringing the producing area to a total of over 27 hectares. The new areas were planted in the spring of 2015 with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – three of the top varieties grown by the winery.

Showing 1 - 12 of 50 items