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The 2HA Vineyard and Winery is a butique winery in the Badacsony wine region, started with 2ha on the exeptional St. George mountain, is located at the north side of Lake Balaton, now cultivating 4ha vineyard. The 2x2ha size of the vineyard guarantee, that all the vines are cutivated with special, personal treatement, and we are able to produce the best wines ut of it.

We are convinced that these lands are qualified for the hihtest quality. Our aim is simple. We want to create the best by any means – the rest is not important.

Based on our phylosophy, not the present what matters, but the never ending journey.

Our wines are aged exclusively in wood barrels, most of them fermented in wood as well. In terms of natural winemaking, we do avoid any vinification techniques damaging the original aromas of the wine. We do not fine and filter none of our wines, even our white wines are unfiltered, bottling is according to the moon calendar.

Our home, the St. George Mountain, lays in the Protected "Balatonfelvidéki" National Park.

The vineyard lies on a volcanic hill, the base soil consists mainly of volcanic heritage and the "Pannon" marine deposit. There are significant microclimatic differences in the mountain's main climate. Since the mountain blocks the northern winds its south side is dominated by sub-mediterranean characteristics.

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